Carbon Management Platform for Sustainability

Measure, Manage, and Mitigate Carbon Footprints

A real-time sustainability accounting and Carbon Management Platform focused on tracking and reporting carbon reductions from hybrid/remote work and employee commuting. It integrates accurately with regulatory carbon reporting platforms and supports major emission factors and standards, providing organizations with reliable insights for assessing Scope 3 Category 7 carbon reductions.


Fast Deployment

Up and running in less than 1 hour

Our ReX’Telemetry AI Client Agent and ReX’Telemetry Server Agents are easy to install, and enables organizations to analyze and report on employee commuting and hybrid work activity in real-time, facilitating proactive carbon management strategies.

Accurate Reporting

Comprehensive real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities

It backs emission factors and standards from leading industry bodies such as IPCC and US EPA, guaranteeing reliability and compliance in evaluating Scope 3 Category 7 carbon reductions. This feature makes it an optimal choice for your Carbon Management Platform and sustainability initiatives.

Scope 3 – Category 7 Emissions

A specialized focus on Scope 3 – Category 7 carbon reduction

Focused on Scope 3 – Category 7 carbon reduction offsets, ReXCarbon™ delivers exact reporting and seamless integration with major carbon reporting platforms, ensuring precise measurement and evaluation. Additionally, organizations can analyze and report on real-time employee commuting and hybrid work activity, supported by ReXCarbon’s compatibility with all major emission factors and standards including ISO, IPCC, GHG Protocol, GWP, and US EPA.

Accurately Calculate Offsets

Gain Insight into your Carbon Offsets

Not only can you track and report emissions, but you can also calculate carbon offsets. ReXCarbon™ enables businesses to gauge, monitor, and optimize their environmental impact through precise data on individual employee carbon footprints, empowering organizations to lead as sustainability trailblazers within their sectors.


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