Expert Consulting to navigate Scope 3: Category 7 Employee Commuting Emissions  and Offsets

Achieve Net Zero Emissions for Hybrid Work

Embark on a transformative journey toward net-zero emissions for your employee Hybrid Work models with our dedicated consulting services, tailored to empower your organization in the new era of Sustainable Hybrid Work. At the heart of our expertise lies a deep understanding of Scope 3: Category 7 emissions and offsets, where hybrid work models present both a challenge and an opportunity for your sustainability goals.

About Our Consulting Services

Specialized in Hybrid Work Employee Commuting Emissions and Remote Work Offsets

Our consulting services specialize in assisting businesses to implement best-practices in order to meticulously account for and reduce carbon emissions associated with their hybrid workforce’s commuting habits in order to achieve Hybrid Work Net Zero carbon emissions. We understand that the shift towards flexible work arrangements has created a need for precise tracking and management of Scope 3 emissions to achieve sustainability targets effectively.

Our approach combines the latest automated technologies and methodologies in data collection and carbon accounting along with the innovative ReX’Carbon solution to provide you with actionable insights. We not only quantify the impact of commuting and offset benefits of remote working, but we also guide you in developing and implementing effective strategies for hybrid work emission reduction and remote work offsets. Our goal is to help your business move confidently towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible operational model, ensuring that your journey to reduced emissions is both successful and verifiable.


Why Partner with Our Consulting Team

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry expertise in Scope 3: Category 7 commuting emissions and offsets
  • Tailored strategies specifically for hybrid work models
  • Advanced and automated data collection, calculation and analysis solutions
  • Proven track record in hybrid and remote working solutions and best-practices.

Through our ReX’Carbon platform integration experience, our consulting services provide you with unparalleled guidance on accurate automated capturing of employee commuting (emissions) and remote working (offsets) data, enabling strategic decision-making, and implementing effective carbon offset initiatives and goals.

Our Approach to Scope 3: Category 7 Hybrid Work Emissions and Offsets

How We Work


  1. Initial Assessment: Understanding your current carbon footprint and savings from employee commuting and remote working.
    2. Data Collection & Analysis: Leveraging technology to automate the gathering of precise commuting and remote work activities data.
    3. Strategy Development: Crafting customized plans for automating the gathering, calculating and reporting of hybrid work Category 7 emissions and offsets to support regulatory and sustainability goals.
    4. Implementation Support: Guiding the rollout of new business process, policies and initiatives.
    5. Data Gathering, Calculating, Monitoring & Reporting: Ongoing tracking and reporting of automated process, procedures, and progress.


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Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of hybrid work emissions and offsets data collection, precise emission factor calculations, and reporting to fully automate your commitment to sustainability, while ensuring that each step towards sustainable Net Zero for Hybrid Work is measured, managed, and meaningful.

Begin your path to Hybrid Work Net-Zero today with a partner that has unparalleled experience with Scope 3: Category 7.  We comprehensively understand the challenges and nuances of hybrid and remote work emissions amd offsets, along with our deep experience implementing the best-practice solutions to support your successful path to Net Zero for your Hybrid Working employee programs



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