Sustainability for Hybrid and Remote Workforces

Achieve Net Zero for Hybrid Work with Precision – Introducing ReX’Carbon

ReX’Carbon is the first solution designed to empower organizations in their quest for Hybrid Working Net Zero emissions. By meticulously automating the collection and calculation of activity data related to employee commuting and remote work utilizing our ReXLytics Telemetry AI Agents, ReX’Carbon provides precise tracking and reporting of Scope 3 Category 7 carbon emissions and offsets.  Hybrid and Remote Work carbon offsets can net against your carbon emissions to accelerate your progress towards your sustainability and Net-Zero carbon emission goals.  Included is full support for interfaces to all major 3rd party carbon reporting vendors. 

ReXCarbon™ supports all major emission factors and standards including ISO, IPCC, GHG Protocol, GWP, and US EPA.

Scope 3 Category 7
Scope 3 Category 7
“Scope 3 emissions are the most challenging to measure, yet in some companies they can account for over 95% of total emissions. Gartner expects carbon footprint measurement technologies to see significant adoption as organizations broaden their focus…and increase reporting transparency.  The growth of such tools will be supported by the proliferation of…[telemetry]…that increase quantity, quality and timeliness of data collection.”
                                                                                   – Gartner
Scope 3 Category 7

Real-time Scope 3 Category 7 Carbon Tracking

Track Scope 3 Category 7 carbon reductions resulting from hybrid/remote work

ReXCarbon™ offers comprehensive real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to track carbon reductions resulting from hybrid/remote work and employee commuting activities instantly. This invaluable feature provides organizations with on-time and accurate data on carbon reduction and offsets, ensuring transparency and accountability in their sustainability initiatives. With precise insights into the environmental impact of remote work and commuting habits, organizations can make data-driven decisions to optimize their carbon footprint reduction strategies.  By leveraging ReXCarbon™, organizations can not only demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship but also drive meaningful change by actively contributing to global sustainability efforts.

Scope 3 Category 7

Honoring Your Hybrid Work Category 7 Employee Commuting Sustainability Progress

Recognition Program for Hybrid Work Sustainability

The ReX’Carbon Recognition Program celebrates organizations that have made significant strides in reducing their net Scope 3: Category 7 commuting hybrid work emissions and remote work offsets through our comprehensive S3:C7 ReX’Carbon assessments and certifications. This accolade spotlights companies who have successfully lowered emissions related to their employee commuting hybrid work while increasing their carbon offsets that result from remote working and commuting reductions.

Scope 3 – Category 7 Focused

Track, manage, and report on carbon reduction

With a specialized focus on Scope 3 – Category 7 carbon reduction offsets, ReXCarbon™ provides precise reporting and seamless integration with major carbon reporting platforms, ensuring accurate measurement and assessment. The platform assures that your reporting is accurate and timely, By focusing on Scope 3 emissions, particularly Category 7, which encompasses employee commuting and remote work activities, ReXCarbon™ enables organizations to capture the full extent of their carbon footprint and implement targeted strategies for reduction. This meticulous approach not only enhances transparency and accountability but also empowers organizations to make informed decisions that drive meaningful environmental impact.

Scope 3 Category 7
Scope 3 Category 7

AI Client Agents

Track Scope 3 Category 7 carbon emissions

Leveraging ReXLytics Telemetry AI Client agents, ReXCarbon™ enables organizations to analyze and report on employee commuting and hybrid work activity in real-time, facilitating proactive carbon management strategies. By harnessing the power of real-time data insights provided by ReXLytics Telemetry AI Client agents, ReXCarbon™ offers organizations unprecedented visibility into their carbon footprint, allowing them to make informed decisions and take immediate action to reduce emissions. This advanced analytics capability empowers organizations to identify trends, pinpoint areas of inefficiency, and implement targeted interventions to optimize their carbon management efforts. Additionally, the seamless integration of ReXCarbon™ with existing infrastructure and workflows ensures minimal disruption to operations, allowing organizations to seamlessly incorporate carbon management into their overall sustainability strategy.

Support for Industry Standards

Ideal solution for sustainability initiatives

ReXCarbon™ supports emission factors and standards from prominent industry groups like IPCC and US EPA, ensuring reliability and compliance while assessing Scope 3 Category 7 carbon reductions, making it an ideal solution for sustainability initiatives. This robust feature set enables organizations to adhere to internationally recognized protocols and methodologies for carbon accounting, ensuring accuracy and consistency in their reporting efforts. By leveraging emission factors and standards endorsed by reputable organizations such as the IPCC and US EPA, ReXCarbon™ provides organizations with a credible framework for assessing and quantifying their carbon footprint, enhancing transparency and trust in sustainability reporting.

Scope 3 Category 7


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