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Visibility into office utilization

ReXOffice revolutionizes office space management in hybrid work environments by providing real-time visibility and actionable insights into office utilization. With its strategic decision-making capabilities, companies can optimize their physical footprint, ensuring efficient resource allocation and fostering a productive work environment. Additionally, ReXOffice’s comprehensive visibility and accuracy, coupled with its tailgating prevention measures, ensure accuracy in reporting and streamlined operations. By leveraging ReXOffice’s advanced features, companies can adapt to the evolving needs of hybrid work scenarios, driving efficiency, and enhancing organizational performance

Office Utilization
Office Utilization
Office Utilization

Office Space Optimization & Office Utilization

Efficient management and monitoring

ReXOffice facilitates efficient management and monitoring of office space utilization, aiding companies in making strategic decisions regarding their physical workspace requirements. By providing real-time insights into how office spaces are utilized, ReXOffice enables organizations to optimize their office layouts, allocate resources effectively, and maximize productivity. With detailed analytics on occupancy patterns, peak utilization times, and workspace preferences, companies can identify opportunities to enhance collaboration, streamline operations, and create a more conducive work environment.

Strategic Decision-Making

Identify office utilization patterns

Companies can make informed decisions regarding their physical footprint growth, expansion, or downsizing based on real-time data insights on office usage patterns. ReXOffice provides organizations with a comprehensive understanding of how their office spaces are utilized by harnessing the power of real-time data analytics. This invaluable insight enables decision-makers to identify underutilized areas, optimize space allocation, and adapt their physical footprint to meet the evolving needs of their workforce. ReXOffice empowers companies to forecast future workspace requirements accurately. By analyzing trends in office usage patterns over time, organizations can anticipate changes in demand, plan for future growth or contraction, and make strategic investments in their office infrastructure accordingly. 

Office Utilization
Office Utilization

Comprehensive Visibility

Enabling proactive planning for office utilization

ReXOffice provides detailed visibility into office utilization, offering clarity on peak utilization times and enabling proactive planning to optimize resource allocation. With its advanced analytics capabilities, ReXOffice empowers organizations to gain granular insights into how their office spaces are utilized throughout the day, week, or month. By capturing data on occupancy rates, desk utilization, meeting room bookings, and more, ReXOffice provides a comprehensive overview of how different areas within the office are being utilized. This level of visibility allows decision-makers to identify trends and patterns in office usage, enabling them to pinpoint peak utilization times when office space is in high demand. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can implement proactive measures to optimize resource allocation and enhance the overall efficiency of their office environment.

Accurate Reporting

Delve deeper into office utilization patterns

Designed specifically for the hybrid work scenario, ReXOffice ensures accuracy and reliability by utilizing Rexlytics telemetry AI agents to track employee presence. Prevent inaccurate data from things like tailgating when you track with entry card data. This innovative approach addresses the unique challenges posed by hybrid work environments and ensures that organizations have access to precise and real-time data on employee activities. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, ReXOffice accurately captures and analyzes employee presence, providing organizations with a comprehensive understanding of when and where employees work.  This level of insight enables decision-makers to identify opportunities for optimization, allocate resources effectively, and make data-driven decisions to enhance productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

Office Utilization


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